Four Common Mistakes People Make When Attempting To Remove Stains From Their Clothes

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Whether it’s a red wine spill on your favorite blouse or a tough, greasy splotch on your shirt, a significant splatter is enough to send anyone into a frenzy! It’s easy to panic and make a hasty decision about stain removal; however, making the wrong move can potentially be worse than taking your time to think it through before acting.

When it comes to getting rid of tough stains, you probably already know the basics - of separating the darks from the lights when doing your laundry. But there’s much more to it. While it’s true that doing laundry is certainly not rocket science, the process does have a few rights and wrongs. Here are four surprisingly common mistakes people make when attempting to remove stains from their clothes

1. Using club soda to remove stains
This has to be the biggest ever myth plaguing the dry cleaning trade - it is commonly believed that club soda is an effective quick fix for stain removal. However, is it really true? Research suggests when applied immediately to food stains, club soda is somewhat effective in removing some or most visible traces of the substance. But an analysis under ultraviolet light revealed that at least a significant portion of every stain remained when club soda was used. What’s more, the same study showed that the remaining stain residues become permanent stains over time. Eventually, the researchers concluded that using these treatments on some garments actually allowed the stain to settle, thereby making it impossible to remove even with dry cleaning.

2. Scrubbing too hard
When there is a stain on your clothes, the natural temptation is to scrub the stain in a bid to remove it. However, This is exactly what you should avoid doing. Excessive scrubbing of a stain on your clothes is an ineffective way to remove stains; the scrubbing can even cause damage to the cloth fibers, thereby seriously compromising the life of your clothing. 

3. Leaving it too long 
As soon as you notice a stain on your clothes, it is essential to take action because the longer a stain is allowed to settle, the more difficult it will be to remove. Additionally, ignoring a stain can allow it to penetrate further deep and leave a trace on the surrounding areas of your clothing. Leaving the stain too long also increases the risk of mold growth and odor.

4. Not knowing when to stop 
Using excessive amounts of chemicals on your stains can cause substantial damage and residue on your clothes. So, try to avoid saturating your clothing with chemical cleaners. It can definitely be tempting to add more laundry detergent to get rid of a tough stain, but doing so will only worsen things. When you use too much detergent, the chemicals may not rinse out thoroughly and trap the stains, thereby not allowing them to wash out. Therefore, it’s best to leave the cleaning job to professionals.

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